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PTFE Shaped
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PTFE Shaped

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Project Units 指标
Apparent density g/cm3 2.10—2.30
Tensile Strength  ≥ MPa 15.0
Elongation  ≥ % 150

   Features:Solve the processing of PTFE products using molded shape of the workpiece can not be completed, processed into products, with good corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low coefficient of friction, using a wide range.
   Main use:Machinable production liner, complex piece, three-, four-way, elbow and other pipe fittings, wide turning plate, chemical container equipment and so on. In the known plastics PTFE has the best chemical corrosion resistance and dielectric properties, non-aging, non-stick, in the absence of load condition can be -180 ° C -- ; +260 ° C temperature used in the known solid materials that it has the lowest coefficient of friction.

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