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PTFE insulator
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PTFE insulator

Products Detail:
Project Units Value
Apparent density g/cm3 2.15~2.25
Tensile MPa 20~35
Elongation % 300~450
Linear expansion coefficient 1/℃


Impact Strength j


Brinell Mpa 30~40
Volume Resistance Ω.cm


Breakdown Strength kv/mm >40

    PTFE (F4, PTFE) with a range of excellent use of performance: high temperature - long-term use temperature of 200 ~ 260 ℃; resistance to low temperature - at -100 ℃, remains soft; corrosion - capability aqua regia and all organic solvents; resistant to climate - the best aging life of plastics; high lubrication - the smallest with a plastic friction coefficient (0.04); non-sticky - the smallest of the solid materials have a surface tension adhesion without any substance; None poison - with physical inertia; excellent electrical performance, is ideal for C-level insulation. PTFE material, widely used in national defense industry, atomic energy, oil, radio, electric power machinery, chemical industry and other important sectors.


 ptfe products have high-frequency insulator surface finish is good, good insulation, high electric breakdown strength of the advantages for high-frequency coaxial couplings, adapters, attenuators, terminators, mixer, splitter, computer network devices and various active and passive microwave communication devices and so on.

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