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PTFE film
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PTFE film

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Project Units Orientation film Semi-directed film Non-directional membrane
Tensile Strength  ≥ MPa ≥30 ≥20 ≥10
Elongation  ≥ % ≥30 ≥60 ≥100
1MHzDielectric loss angle tangent   2.5×10-4 / /
1MHz Permittivity   Average 1.8-2.2 / /
DC Wear-voltage strength (room temperature) KV/m Average200Minimum40 Average60Minimum6 Average30

  Main species:Turning film,Film,Directed film, semi-directed film, color semi-directed film, color film in red, yellow, green and other colors.
 Features:PTFE film has high tensile strength, good insulation, non-sticky and other excellent features.
 Main use:Capacitor insulating material, special cable insulation, electrical meter insulation, non-stick tape, sealing tape, mouse pads, iron boots, electric pad, can be used in motors, transformers insulation. In the known plastics PTFE has the best chemical corrosion resistance and dielectric properties, non-aging, non-stick, in the absence of load condition can be -180℃- +260℃ temperature the use of known solid materials it has the lowest coefficient of friction.

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